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Artist Eric Fernandez creates Caguas with acrylic on a 12'' x 16'' canvas.

Caguas derives its name from a local Indian chief (Caguax) who was an early Christian convert. This town is known for its museums and the Sotomayor del Toro Reserve, a 63-acre reserve on the steep slopes of Cerro La Santa. This tract of virgin tropical forest shelters numerous wildlife species, and streams here nourish the headwaters of the Turabo River. The town's economic activities include: diamond cutting, tobacco processing, and the manufacture of leather goods, glass.

*Total sale for this item goes to a Fundraiser to assist a group of Art Therapists heading to PR the week of Feb 19th to support directly with those in the SouthWest of P.R. impacted by the earthquakes and provide supplies, holistic healing (meditation and therapy services) and sustainable projects for the citizens in these towns to continue. For more details check our Instagram ~> @Esc_Artists for our upcoming art-raiser.

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