In the end of 2018, the Mayor’s Office to End Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV) and the Commission on Gender Equity (CGE) asked us to host + curate an engaging art exhibit that showcases visual, literary and audio artworks focused on the resiliency against gender-based violence. This exhibit takes place during the city’s annual observance of the global campaign, 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

This groundbreaking campaign seeks to raise awareness and inspire action at the community level to end violence against girls, women, transgender, and gender non-conforming persons.

Our goal is to provide a platform for diverse artists sharing their stories, the stories of others and our communities. The theme of this years exhibit we had the honor of curating was “Response and Resiliency” which explored how we respond to these situations and find our resiliency in situations that seem like there is no hope.

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Living a life by design

Escape Artists

We build storytelling experiences through immersive installations, bringing you into the creative process of the arts.  By collaborating with our artists, your event is customized to match your unique style and story.

Using market research, diverse art mediums and working alongside our team of creatives, we build relationships between you and your audience. Hire us to curate your next event to elicit emotion, provoke interaction and make your story tangible for your audience.

Let’s create together.

About Us

Our Mission

Escape Artists provides interactive experiences with unconventional artistry, bringing you a unique platform of creatives that use wood-burning, special effects make-up, wardrobe design, filmmaking, sculpting, video installation and mixed media, focusing on sensory style activations.

Our curated platform is an experience that brings audiences behind the scenes into the creative process taking them from observer to participant into the artist journey.

You not only see these artists in their space and time of their creations, you partake as an artist yourself.
Escape Artists’ inspiration and passion revolve around its community enhancing culture and awareness using art as a vehicle to get there.
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Founder & Creative Director

Jasmine approaches each project with a familial sense and my own philosophy, “When you’re a part of my team, it makes me part of yours so we’re in this together. This has been the catalyst behind her work with the goal of creating, refining, toning and shaping uncommon stories not found in mainstream media.


Art Director & Curator

Lovenotes started to notice that many artists were not getting the recognition they deserved. This realization helped Lovenotes pursue her passion to shine light on the many hidden talented artists here in NYC.This has been the catalyst behind her work with the goal of creating, refining, toning and shaping uncommon stories not found in mainstream media.

Francisco Martinez

App Developer & Post Production Manager

With the influence of attending Art and Design for illustration, Brooklyn College for Film Production and Full Sail for App and Web Design, Francisco’s skill-set has accumulatively led to story telling through technology. This has been the catalyst behind his work with the goal of creating, refining, toning and shaping uncommon stories not found in mainstream media.


Business Development & Public Relations

Roxana Colorado is a business strategist dedicated to helping you launch, grow or rescue your business.Roxana has lived in seven countries throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa for work, volunteer, and study abroad opportunities.


Production Asst/Intern

Samantha, also known as csamcreate, is the youngest member in the squad. She is passionate about giving to her community and has dedicated the past three years to volunteering at New York City shelters with Dare2B.  Samantha has been training to become Dare2B’s first teen ambassador leading events that will empower homeless children while also training to become a curator at Escape Artists learning the aspects of event production.


Event Photographer

Angie brings her colorful culture to her concrete environment of NYC by using her artistic eye. Since a child using sketches and paints, art became her way of expressing emotions she couldn’t describe.


Video Capture + Editor

Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent doesn’t Work Hard! Glam photographer and filmmaker capturing visual messages through the use of narration.


Music Curator

A singer and song writer who creates music for inspiration, Ashley has been a leading force among youth programs and has joined our team to curate the ambiance during our events using music. More than a DJ, she tells a story through vibes and beats to tie in with the overall integrity of our exhibits.


Carpenter & Set Designer

His goal as an artist and entrepreneur is to teach kids how to use that creative side to spread peace and educate the youth on the importance of community, teamwork, and leadership.


A/V Technician + Sound Design

Due to this fusion of sound Will has transitioned to sound design, music production and scoring. Having Mr. Divide on the team overseeing our music and lighting brings higher production value to our team.


Graphic Design

Eric aka “E” is a self taught graphic artist from Brooklyn NY with 10+ years of experience in the design industry. Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator, he specializes in branding solutions, print design, and illustrative art.




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