Untitled Print by Marco Gallotta, 18″ x 24″


18″ x 24″ metallic print
Limited Edition of 6 from a series of 25 pieces


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Marco Gallotta Is an Italian born, New York City based artist. He received his associate’s degree in Fashion Illustration and a bachelor’s degree in general illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Marco’s interest in physical features and their different body forms subsequently became an important part of his production.

Today his artistic craft consists of paper cutting techniques, drawing, painting and printmaking. Observation, handcraft, mankind and nature have become the inspiration of his art production. His expertise has vastly expanded in mixed media techniques, which adds to his work a unique combination of artisan craftsmanship and graphic sensibility. Watercolors, inks and graphite are intensified with wax coats, sharp cuts and ingenious collages on a multitude layer of paperwork.

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