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William “BI” Sloan – Wood Burning


Here at Escape Artists, a lot of amazing things are happening and the anticipation that’s building for our next major event is crazy! For every event we carefully select all the artists we would like to perform at our show. These artists are all people whose work we feel deserve to be appreciated and may not be conventional to the idea of what an “artist” is.  We have been planning Amare La Vita for months so it’s safe to say we’ve become a bit obsessed with our talented performers! Stay tuned into the blog because as we get closer to the event we will be posting up artists interviews so you all can get to know a little bit about who you’re coming to see at “Amare La Vita.”

First up is William “BI” Sloan who is a carpenter/wood burner. I asked him a few simple questions so his audience can see what he’s all about.

– Tell us a little bit about yourself: What got you interested in art?
I always had art in my mom was an artist and she always encourage me to be creative. I use to watch her paint and help her reupholster furniture.

-Do you have an online portfolio or a blog where we can view your work?
You can view my art on Faceboo by searching for: Willam Sloan
getnyce/cupcake cartel nyc
instagram: getnycewoodburning

-Can you remember one of the first things you created? What makes it memorable?
I built a big doll house in high school shop class  that was a 45 minute class,  so it ended up taking 3 school years to make. Everytime a teacher was absent from my other classes, I would go to shop and work on the doll house. There was one week where most of the teachers were out, soIi spent all week in shop class!

-Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?
Through other artists, music and life.

-Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe an interesting or fun story about an experience involving your artwork?
Another big hobby of mine is my company The Cupcake Cartel NYC, which was formed under the banner GET NYCE (Guide Educate Trust New York City entrepreneurs) as I got into charity events. I always had a passion for creating in the wood shop and in the kitchen!

How the cupcakes came into play is actually a sad story. I was producing my own party’s some years back and I wanted to do more for the community. At that time a very close friend of mine had lost her infant due to sudden death. I wanted to help pay for the funeral, so I organized an event to raise money. Because I didn’t want to focus on the sadness and I made the event in a form of a cupcake eating contest art show with DJs playing music. It was a successful event raising enough money to help! And everyone loved the concept of the event.

I kept it going turning it into a charity food drive, raising food for the hungry. Then I decided to come with a unique set of flavors and custom cupcake stands for events such as various charities, weddings, birthday parties and art shows.

Note: I will be doing a name change from Cupcake Cartel NYC to Taste of Cartel, but GET NYCE is my root business name.

– How can people contact you?

Phone Number:

-What, in your opinion, is the hardest step in creating a masterpiece?

Sometimes it starts with that first exciting thought, and then layers of the creative process that comes all at once or in pieces.

And finally I would like to give you this opportunity to share three to five images (showing your craft) and tell us a little about each.

Mother Earth: This expresses my gratitude towards positive women who create beautiful music and life!                        

DJ who missed the store: This one is about a single guy who’s a DJ that just missed the music shop and has nothing else to do at the moment, reflecting my personal thoughts with this piece.

Pay Attention: This piece is dedicated to my cat Sylvester. He would always jump on me when I’m on the computer or wood burning. I was so into what i was doing, I obviously wouldn’t hear him creeping up on me, so I ask myself who’s the real mouse?!

Wake Up: This piece is a poem I wrote. It speaks of waking up to fake politicians and reeducation of the masses.

Turntable Cupcake Stand: This was done for customers who got married. They love music!


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