∗ How and when should interested customers contact you?
You can contact us anytime with your questions and inquiries. Email is the fastest way to reach us info@escapeartistscollective.com

∗ Do you accept commissioned projects?
This will range from artist to artist but most of the artists we work with do commissions. Please send any information about the commission work you’ll like done and we will make arrangements with the artist you would like to work with. And if you’re not sure which artist to work with, we can help with that too. 

∗ What are your payment terms?
Typically payment for all artwork is up front

∗ Do you offer installment payment plans?
This is a case by case basis and depends on which artwork you’re interested in. Please email info@escapeartistscollective.com to discuss payment arrangements. Once a monthly payment plan is set up, we can have an anticipated date for you to receive your artwork. 

∗ What shipping options do you offer?
We work with USPS for standard and express shipping. We can do 2-day or standard 5-7 days, depending on your needs.

∗ Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?
Due to the limited amount of artworks we are not able to accomodate wholesale purchases. 
∗ Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees?
We do lease artwork but this is dependent on which artworks. All artwork lease requests must be made to info@escapeartistscollective.com

∗ Do you use archival, environmentally friendly materials?
We mainly use archival, recycled and high quality paper products. 

∗ If you print limited editions of your originals, what is the size of the edition?
This varies from artwork to artwork but is typically 11″ x 17″ but you can find this information with each print description. 
∗ Does your print come with a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, each work comes with a certificate of authenticity. 
* Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?
We are always open to having discussions with galleries and agents on artworks.


* Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?
We are always open to having discussions with galleries and agents on artworks.

* Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork?

Yes, while some artworks may come framed and some are not, this will be noted in the description and will be an additional cost for those not sold in a frame. Inquiries can be sent to our email info@escapeartistscollective.com.


* What type of packaging do you use?

Posters and art prints are rolled with thick paper to protect against dust before being packaged in corrugated triangular shipping containers. Framed items are covered securely and placed in adjustable corrugated inserts that lock the frame in position.


* Is my package insured?

In the remote event that your package is lost or damaged upon arrival, please contact us by info@escapeartistscollectve.com

∗ Do you have a return policy?

Escape Artists guarantees your satisfaction and we will give you a refund or a replacement for purchased items you are not satisfied with.