El Dia De Los Muertos

Vida Futura, meaning After Life, in recognition of El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) is a showcase dedicated to the symbolic aspect of the transition art forms go thru to become a living piece of work.  We featured 10 unconventional artists covering 10 unique mediums. Each space will give insight to the artists lifestyle; how their studio functions; their workstations; the process they take to create and what it feels like to be in that space and time of their final piece.

The showcase is a two hour celebration with each artist creating a live work of art from start to finish exhibiting.  They will each be working within their own space and take the audience from observing to participating in order to complete their final master piece.  Afterwards, guests are invited to see, hear, taste and touch the art that was created in front of their very eyes.

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